I hereby irrevocably give StreetConcepts Inc.  (“Braga”) the right and permission to record my image or likeness while I participate in the Project/Event identified below.
Furthermore, I hereby irrevocably give Braga the right and permission to use my image or likeness so recorded.
Braga’s right of use shall include the right to publish, adapt, exhibit, reproduce, edit, distribute and display my image or likeness in connection with any product or service for any purpose (including, promotion advertising and trade) in all markets, media or technology now known or hereafter developed. For certainty, and without limiting the above, Braga’s right of use shall also allow it to publish my image or likeness on the internet, incorporate my image or likeness into promotional videos and share my image or likeness with media organizations for any purpose.
I shall not have any entitlement to compensation for Braga’s recording and use and shall not make any claim against Braga, its affiliates, agents, event partners, governors, officers and/or employees for damages that may arise from its recording or use including, without limitation, any claim that is based on an alleged misrepresentation, negligence, defamation, breach of privacy, right of publicity infringement or an infringement of any applicable privacy legislation.
By signing my name, I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree with the contents contained within this Consent and Release.